60th birthday gift ideas for mum

Are you looking for 60th birthday gifts ideas for mum? There’s no more exciting day in the year than your mums birthday. Well, there are plenty of days that are more exciting, but there’s only one particular day that you are stressed about getting the right present as you are for your mum’s birthday. At World of Roses we adore mums so we have created a select … Continue reading 60th birthday gift ideas for mum

50th birthday gifts for men

When your husband, father, best friend or colleague turns 50, you have to pull out all the stops to make this birthday count. Think of something they won’t forget very soon and they will talk about for years. At World of Roses, we are happy to help you with giving unique 50th birthday gifts for men. Read along if you want to find out how you … Continue reading 50th birthday gifts for men

Celebration Roses

Celebrate good times, come on! It’s impossible to read that line without hearing the tune in your head. With every celebration, an appropriate gift is needed. So, if you’re out of creative ideas and you don’t have the ability to write a celebration song, then please read along. Find the list below of our greatest celebration gifts, and above all: our celebration roses. Tips to celebrate … Continue reading Celebration Roses

Presents For Mum

Is your mum hard to buy for? Does she already have everything or are you tired of buying a dressing gown or a bunch of flowers or chocolates. Think outside the box and give the gift of a living rose plant.  Roses are perfect presents for mum At World of Roses, you order living plants. We deliver this living plant straight to your mum’s door. … Continue reading Presents For Mum

Happy birthday roses

What is the best birthday gift? Happy birthday roses are the perfect birthday present! Some birthdays have extra meanings, like turning 18, 30, 50 or 75. These birthdays are, most of the time, memorable itself. Gifts for these birthdays are mostly more significant than ‘normal’ birthdays and have extra meanings because of the particular age. But what to do with all those other ‘normal’ birthdays. You want … Continue reading Happy birthday roses

Roses by post

Have you ever thought of sending roses by post? Probably not. Here at World of Roses, we send the most beautiful roses and deliver the roses securely packed to your doorstep. Choose from the many varieties available on our website. For every possible occasion, we have a unique rose. For anniversary celebrations, birthdays, memorial days, Father’s Day and other events, you can buy a floral rose … Continue reading Roses by post

Unusual 60th birthday gifts

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, think again. At World of Roses, we have the most unusual 60th birthday gifts ever. Presents that you haven’t thought about. Wondering what kind of gifts we are talking about? Read on. 60th birthday gifts for men When you want to stand out with a gift on your best mate’s birthday, you have to come up with something unusual. … Continue reading Unusual 60th birthday gifts

70th birthday gifts

A 70th birthday is a very special one. By this time the special person will have received so many types of gift over the years, you may be struggling to think what to buy with some meaning. 70th birthday gifts are hard to find….or they were until now! Why send roses for the 70th birthday Roses are an special gift for birthdays, and for no reason. … Continue reading 70th birthday gifts

50th birthday ideas

To come up with best 50th birthday ideas, we have a creative, unique gift to send to the birthday girl or boy. Turning fifty is a huge milestone. When someone reaches the age of fifty, they’re over the halfway mark. The mind and body are getting older, and everything is slowing down. To give the birthday girl or boy a boost for the second half of … Continue reading 50th birthday ideas