Unusual 60th birthday gifts

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, think again. At World of Roses, we have the most unusual 60th birthday gifts ever. Presents that you haven’t thought about. Wondering what kind of gifts we are talking about? Read on.

60th birthday gifts for men

When you want to stand out with a gift on your best mate’s birthday, you have to come up with something unusual. Leave the fragrant eu de toilettes, restaurant gift cards or ride’s in a race car behind. When your best friend turns 60, and you’ve been friends for eternity, you should definitely think of a valuable present. At World of Roses, we sell roses. But no common, simple cut roses. At World of Roses, we sell potted flowers and bare-root living plants. These garden plants are waiting for someone to take care of them. What better 60th birthday gift idea than a living rose plant that your best friend can watch grow year after year. This 60th birthday gift has a special meaning and we’re sure your best pal will love it.

What are the best unusual 60th birthday gifts?

Turning 60 is a big event. This special occasion deserves a particular 60th birthday present. We made a list of the best unusual birthday gifts for you:

  • A living rose shrub that the birthday boy or girl needs to take care of
  • A living plant that stands for the past years of your precious friendship
  • A rose in the favourite colour of the birthday boy or girl
  • A rose plant that has a particular extra meaning like ‘Fab at 60’

Unusual 60th birthday gifts at World of Roses

Roses are one of the most popular and beloved flowers. The roses of World of Roses, are high-qualified and cultivated with care and love. We sell roses with bright colours, large flowers and long blooming-seasons. If you take care of the rose the right way, the rose shrub will live for years and shows more beautiful flowers every year. To surprise your friend in a special way, we selected the best roses. All you have to do is choose your favourite colour and type of rose. We do the rest. See all our birthday roses here.

Order unusual 60th birthday gifts

Don’t look any further, stop searching for the best unusual 60th birthday gits. You want to make a good impression with your best friend’s 60th birthday, and we have what you are looking for. You can even add gift wrap and a personal message. If you want to make it extra special your can even personalise a rose – that’s right, name a rose after your friend. Take a look at our range here.

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