Fab at 80

Do you know someone that is approaching this amazing birthday? Fab at 80 is one of our best sellers so there must be fare few wonderful 80 year olds enjoying a stunning rose in their garden right now.

Fab at 80 is a wonderful Floribunda Rose variety that is the perfect gift that will be eye catching in every garden. This beautiful gift rose can make a wonderful present for any occasion or even a treat for yourself. Fab at 80 flowers gorgeous double blooms repeatedly throughout the summer, in bright tangerine colour. This rose can be planted in beds, borders or in a pot. Perfect gift rose for an 80th birthday or Anniversary!

Roses have long been known as a wonderful gift in their cut form. Roses like that can be expensive and they don’t last very long. When you buy either a potted or bare root variety of one of our roses, you can rest assured the your gift will remain blossoming in the recipients garden for years to come. It is the eco-friendly way to gift flowers.

We offer gift wrapping and personalised messages to make your gift even more special.

The Fab at 80 is a bush rose that will arrive as a potted rose during growing season like this:

When you purchase a bare root version, they do not arrive in a pot and as they are dormant they look a little scary. This rose when planted will bloom just the same as a potted at the right time of year.

Celebrate an 80th birthday in style with a living plant that will grow with your recipient. Take a look at our other birthday and anniversary roses as they really do make the most beautiful and well-loved gift.

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