60th birthday gift ideas for mum

Are you looking for 60th birthday gifts ideas for mum? There’s no more exciting day in the year than your mums birthday. Well, there are plenty of days that are more exciting, but there’s only one particular day that you are stressed about getting the right present as you are for your mum’s birthday. At World of Roses we adore mums so we have created a select range of special roses for them.

The best gift ideas for mum

It’s always hard to think of a birthday present that fits the expectations your mum has. Every year, you try to match the ideas your mum has in mind. A voucher for a spa day, a box of her favourite chocolates, a subscription to the magazine she loves to read. All of that is already done, so you can’t use it anymore. At World of Roses, we have the best 60th birthday gift ideas for mum. What does your mum love?

  • Gardening,
  • Roses,
  • Colour,
  • Romance,
  • Something with a personal thought?

Does your gift tick all the boxes? Then the 60th birthday rose is definitely your present this year.

Send the 60th birthday rose to your mum

At World of Roses, we offer you living rose plants you can plant straight into the garden. Take care of this living rose and grow the most beautiful flowers year after year. The 60th birthday rose is a gorgeous red, with beautiful deep green foliage. Plant this living plant in a sunny spot in the garden and watch it grow into a stunning rose bush mum can admire year after year. 

Order 60th birthday gifts for mum

How does a 60th birthday gift for your mum look?

  • Choose the Fab at 60 rose on our website
  • Choose whether you want a potted or bare-root rose
  • Choose extras from our gifting range
  • Add gift wrap and a personal message
  • Or go one step further and name a rose after her

We have a fabulous range of roses and gifts to create a unique present for someone special. Special 60th birthdays gifts for mum aren’t so difficult to find after all. When you are stuck for ideas, choose a gift that will last for years as it grows and grows.

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