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60th birthday gifts ideas for mum

Are you looking for 60th birthday gifts ideas for mum? There's no more exciting day in the year than your mother's birthday. Well, there are plenty of days that are more exciting. But there's only one particular day that you are stressed about getting the right present as you are for your mum's birthday. How come you always want to make a good impression with your gifts on your mum's birthday? We know why. Your mother is the person who has given life to you. She gave birth to you, I bet she took care of you while you thought you were already an adult. Mums are adored and we adore mums! That's why this is an ode to all mothers.


The best 60th birthday gift ideas for mum

It's always hard to think of a birthday present that fits the expectations you mum has. Every year, you try to match the ideas your mum has in mind. A voucher for a spa day, a box of her favourite chocolates, a subscription to the magazine she loves to read. All of that is already done, so you can't use it anymore. At World of Roses, we have the best 60th birthday gift ideas for mum. Think about it, does your mum loves:

  • Gardening,
  • Roses,
  • Colour,
  • Romance,
  • Something with a personal thought?

Do you tick all the boxes? Then the 60th birthday rose is definitely your present this year. We explain to you why you should give the 60th birthday rose to the woman you love: your mum. 


Send the 60th birthday rose to your mum

I hear you thinking, sending a rose for the 60th birthday sounds lame. But this is no lame idea. At World of Roses, we offer you living rose shrubs you can plant in the garden. Take care of this living rose bush and grow the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen. The 60th birthday rose is red, with beautiful deep green foliage. Plant this living plant in a sunny spot in the garden and watch it grow into a full rose bush. 


Order 60th birthday gift ideas for mum

How does a 60th birthday gift for your mum looks like? Don't worry about it. We take care of your special gift and will make sure your mum will remember this present forever. 

  • Choose the FAb at 60 rose on our website
  • Choose whether you want a potted or bare-root rose
  • Choose extras like a candle or a photo frame
  • Wrap your present
  • Give the address information
  • Choose the delivery date
  • Write a personal note
  • Wait for your mum to hug you as you got her a diamond ring

This is all you need to do. 


What are you waiting for? Order the best 60th birthday gift for your mum now, at World of Roses. We look forward to seeing your mum's face when she receives the gift. 

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