Happy 70th birthday

This year, your mother or father turns 70. For a long time, hand-made presents like drawings were the most precious gift you could give them. But since you're an adult, you can't draw princesses in castles anymore. Now you have to think of a unique gift that is good enough to peer with the hand-made crafts when you were young. To make this much easier, at World of Roses, we have special 70th birthday roses. Read along to learn more about this special gift. 


Why send roses for the 70th birthday

Roses are an immemorial gift for birthdays, and for no reason. Roses are the queen of all flowers. Receiving roses is a sign of appreciation, love and affection. The rose is the most romantic flower that exists. Turning 70 is an important occasion that should be celebrated big. At World of Roses, we have a way to make this day one the birthday girl or boy will never forget. Give a happy 70th birthday rose to show your affection, love and appreciation towards the one who's celebrating. 


How does the 70th birthday rose look like

The Fab at 70 rose is a rich, pink rose that keeps flowering throughout the summer. This means, after cutting out the faded flowers, the plant will keep continuing to grow new shoots. Each stem grows one ore more flowers. This makes the plant full and fabulous in summer. Once the plant has a great spot in the garden or on your balcony, you will enjoy it for years. The rose enjoys a sunny spot, so pick the shiniest spot in the garden to let the happy 70th birthday rose shine all summer.


How to take care of the happy 70th birthday rose

The happy 70th birthday rose looks wonderful in a border full of shiny garden plants. But not everyone has the privilege to have a large garden. But no worries, the Floribunda bush rose is also suitable for flower pots on the balcony or patio. The roots don't root that deep. Make sure you use a high pot, and, especially in the first year, you water the rose enough. In the first year, the rose needs much nutrition to establish and grow. After the first year, you only have to cut in spring and you can wait for a summer full of pink flowers in the garden.


The best 70th birthday ideas for him and her

With no doubt, you have to make a 70th birthday special. We sorted out the best options to make a good impression with the birthday girl or boy this year. All you have to do now is order the Fab at 70 rose. Order the happy 70th birthday in our webshop. If you order before 2 pm, we deliver the rose the next day. Read all about the delivery and wrapping on our delivery page.

We look forward to surprising your beloved one with our stunning happy 70th birthday rose. We ensure this birthday will be one that's unforgettable.

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