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Silver anniversary rose

Twenty-five years of marriage, a huge accomplishment! Have you and your partner been together for over twenty-five years and now celebrate your silver anniversary? Congratulations! From all of us at World of Roses, we say 'happy anniversary!' Now remains the big question, what do you give your partner for this special occasion. You know what your partner adores as an anniversary gift. But what should you provide on this special day? Keep on reading; we have something for you!

A special gift for a special couple

You know you aren't a star in coming up with the right tips for your jubilees. But this year, with your twenty-fifth anniversary, you want to do it well! This article is for all the partners who have no idea what to give their partner for your anniversary. Stop searching, this is what you need! At World of Roses, we have a silver anniversary rose. This gift is something precious, and won't be forgotten soon. A silver anniversary rose shows the love you feel for your partner and shows the eternity of your relationship. This living plant stands for the last twenty-five years you've spent together. 

Twenty-five years together

Do you have a garden? And do you have space in the border that can be filled with a stunning rose bush? Then this is your chance! The silver anniversary rose is a living plant that needs to be planted in the ground. Choose the sunniest spot in your garden, out of the wind. When you hand over the present, your partner will search for a place to plant the rose. Point out the best spot in the garden and tell your partner the rose needs sun, water and love. Tell your partner by planting this rose, we create a new life, and that is the message you want to send by giving this unique present. 

A silver rose for a silver jubilee

The silver anniversary rose is flawless, with white petals paired with a pleasing fragrance. So you won't only enjoy the flowers of the rose, but also the smell of the rose. This rose is quite simply angelic to both see and smell. The pure white flower is ideal for beds and borders, and deep flower pots on the balcony. This repeating, flowering rose produces beautiful clusters of white blooms with a pleasant fragrance on attractive foliage from May to September. Enjoy the scent of fresh flowers all summer long, and bring your partner the jubilee gift they always wished for. 

How to order the silver anniversary rose?

Are you overwhelmed by the great idea of the silver anniversary rose? Then wait no longer, order your unique gift now:

  • Go to and choose the silver anniversary rose
  • Order the rose and fill in your address information
  • Add a personal message to make your partner emotional
  • Choose the delivery date and fulfil your payment
  • Wait for the deliverer and take the wrapped gift
  • Give the present to your partner and wait for the longest hug you'll ever get. 

We wish you a happy anniversary, and we hope you will enjoy this special day! From all of us at World of Roses, all the best. Order the silver anniversary rose online.

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