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Happy birthday roses

What is the best birthday gift? Happy birthday roses are the perfect birthday present! Some birthdays have extra meanings, like turning 18, 30, 50 or 75. These birthdays are, most of the time, memorable itself. Gifts for these birthdays are mostly more significant than 'normal' birthdays and have extra meanings because of the particular age. But what to do with all those other 'normal' birthdays. You want to make a good impression with your gift. Want to find out the best birthday present ideas? We have something that leaves an excellent impression. 

Best birthday ideas

Sending someone a bouquet, or a gift card of their favourite shop is functional but isn't creative anymore. But how do you come up with an original idea, that makes someone's heart beat faster? The gift should contain four basic principles:

  1. It has to be personal!
  2. You should have bought it yourself (the time of letting your younger brother buy something for mum is over!)
  3. It has to be wrapped (in paper or, less sustainable, in plastic)
  4. Add a card (write a personal message for the birthday boy or girl) 

Send roses for birthdays

I hear you thinking 'roses for a birthday present?', that is not creative at all! But wait until you see what kind of roses we mean. The happy birthday roses from World of Roses aren't just a bouquet of cut roses. Our beloved roses are living plants that you need to plant in the ground. You give someone the opportunity to grow a beautiful rose bush in their garden or balcony. The happy birthday roses from World of Roses are carefully selected, and each has its colour, meanings and look. Is your sister turning 28 and you want to send her a cute birthday present? Choose a Happy birthday rose - pink if her favourite colour is pink. This happy birthday rose is selected for pink-lovers. Big change, your sister will love this one. 

Order happy birthday roses

If you order a happy birthday rose from the selection on World of Roses.com, you choose whether you want a potted rose or a bare-root rose. If you order a potted rose, you have to dig a hole that's big enough to fit the roots included the soil. If you choose a bare-root rose, you have to plant the rose in a hole deep enough to cover the point of the rose where the stem begins. If you want more information about planting a rose, contact us by calling 01767 310031‚Äč or send an email to [email protected].

Happy about the happy birthday rose?

Is the recipient happy with the beautiful rose? We would love to hear about your experience. How was the reaction when you handed over the rose? You can choose to give the gift yourself by sending the rose to your own home. Or we deliver the gift beautifully wrapped at the recipient's home. We wish you a happy birthday and wish you all the best. 

Order happy birthday roses in our webshop. If you order before 2 pm, we deliver the happy birthday rose the next day. Go to our webshop and order yours!

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