Friendship rose

If you have a true friend and you want to send him or her a special gift to cherish your friendship, we advise you to send a friendship rose. Send this lovely rose to a faithful friend and show your appreciation. A true friend is priceless. Friends are like family you got to choose. If you have a friend who is always there for you, this is the perfect moment to say thank you. At World of Roses, we sell beautiful friendship roses that stand for the fantastic friendship, deep conversations and many more years to come. Order the friendship rose in our webshop and deliver a smile on your friend’s face!


Floribunda friendship rose

There are many ways to cherish a true friend. Show your appreciation to your friend with a friendship rose. Floribunda roses were initially produced by crossing Hybrid Teas with Polyantha Roses. The outcome was truly amazing: the many flowers grow in large clusters. Floribunda roses mostly have little scent, but more fragrant varieties are appearing now. Floribunda roses are generally hard and easy to grow. Please choose from the Floribunda roses from World of Roses in our webshop.


Friendship rose varieties

We have several friendship roses that are perfect for beds, borders and pots. Choose from:

  • Friendship: this beautiful creamy white rose is a lovely addition to any garden. The rose prefers full sun to partial shade spot in the garden. In the first year, the rose won’t bloom heavily, but in the following years, this beautiful rose produces fragrant blooms on attractive foliage. This friendship rose flowers from May to September.
  • A faithful friend: the gorgeous double blooms repeatedly bloom throughout the summer. The vibrant yellow floribunda blooms. The lovely fragrance, in combination with artificial yellow colour, makes a memorial gift for a friend.


Show love with a friendship rose

If your friend has always been your rock and you want to show your love, order a friendship rose at World of Roses. Friends who are always there for you are irreplaceable. No matter what, you only have to call, and your friend immediately shows up. It’s time to show your appreciation by sending them a unique gift. A friendship rose stands for unconditional love and faithfulness. Send a friendship rose to your dearest friend and show your love to them.


Plant a friendship rose

Before planting a friendship rose, you must keep some basic rules in mind.

  • Roses are real sun-adorers, so try to give your rose the sunniest possible spot in the garden.

  • Container-grown roses can be planted at any time of the year.

  • Besides the location of the rose, little care is required.

  • Dig a hole that’s wider and deeper than the delivered pot.

  • Add organic material to the plant hole.

  • Water regularly after planting.


Order friendship roses at World of Roses

World of roses offers many roses for different occasions. To cherish your best friend and thank him or her for the past time, you order a unique friendship rose. We have two particular friendship roses available. One is creamy white and produces large flowers, the other produces double yellow flowers and is slightly fragrant. Add your favourite friendship flower to your cart, and we make sure the gift arrives securely wrapped.

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