50th birthday ideas

To come up with best 50th birthday ideas, we introduce a creative, unique gift to send to the birthday girl or boy. Turning fifty is a huge milestone. When someone reaches the age of fifty, they’re over the halfway mark. The mind and body are getting older, and everything is slowing down. To give the birthday girl or boy a boost for the second half of their lives, at World of Roses we thought of a unique gift to wish someone a special birthday. 


Fifty is the new forty

We used to think that people who are turning fifty became really old. But forty is the new fifty. To celebrate life to the fullest, World of Roses offers thoughtful gifts with extra meanings. World of Roses sells extraordinary roses that need to be planted in the garden. Not just a bouquet of roses that lasts only for one week, but a lovely rose bush that lasts for many years. The roses of World of Roses are an excellent present to give to a true friend, parent, or sibling. Celebrate their birthday with the beautiful roses from World of Roses. 


Unique 50th birthday ideas

It’s hard to think of unique birthday gifts, especially when someone’s turning 50. You want to buy a sweet present that expresses your feelings towards this person, but you can’t find any inspiration for a stunning birthday gift? No problem. We have a unique 50th birthday gift ever. Order this massive eye-catcher for the garden and enjoy the lovely apricot colour for many years. 


Sweet 50th birthday ideas

The elegant Fab at 50 rose from World of Roses is the perfect gift for someone who’s turning 50. The sweet scent, in combination with the lovely apricot colour, looks fantastic in every garden. The stunning Fab at 50 rose makes a beautiful present for any 50th birthday. The best idea to wish someone luck, love, and happiness for the next chapter. The gorgeous double blooms repeatedly bloom throughout the summer. The Fab at 50 roses can be planted in beds, borders or a pot on the balcony.


Roses 50th birthday ideas

Roses sound dull if you want to make a lovely impression. A bouquet of roses might seem standard, but a living plant that lasts for years is a cool gift with extra meaning. We guarantee the receiver will love this present. Taking care of a rose plant isn’t hard. The only thing you have to help the receiver with is choosing the location of the plant. Choose the sunniest spot in the garden, since this will encourage the prettiest flowers. Add a card with a personal note and write how much you adore this person. 


Order the best 50th birthday idea

To order this exclusive 50th birthday idea, you only have to place your order in our webshop. Go to the webshop, add a potted or bare-root Fab at 50 rose to your basket, fill out the address information and send the present! We look forward to delivering the Fab at 50 rose!

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