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Roses by post

Have you ever thought of sending roses by post? Probably not. The chance your roses will be delivered in good condition is low. Until now! At World of Roses, we send the most excellent roses and deliver the roses securely packed to your doorstep. Choose from the many varieties available in our webshop. For every possible occasion, we have a unique rose. For anniversary celebrations, birthdays, memorial days, Father's Day and other events, you can buy a floral rose at World of Roses. Select an occasion and choose your favourite colour. The flowers arrive securely packed and are ready to be planted. 


Potted roses by post

At World of Roses, you can order potted roses in our webshop. The roses have bare roots that are planted in soil and potted in a container. When the deliverer arrives with your potted rose, you can immediately plant the rose in the garden. Before you plant the potted roses, think of these basic rules:

  • Roses adore a spot with much sunlight.
  • Plant roses in well-drained soil.
  • Prepare the ground with fertilizers. 
  • Mix organic compost with the soil and plant the potted rose in the ground. 
  • Water regularly after planting. 


Bare root roses by post

Next to the potted roses, we also offer the opportunity to deliver roses bare-rooted. Bare-rooted roses are provided without any soil around the roots. Bare rooted roses are very convenient since there is no soil to contend with. Bare root roses can be planted earlier in the growing season since there are no leaves that can freeze from the frost. Our deliverers ring your doorbell and hand over the package, observing the corona rules, of course. Our bare-rooted roses

are packed in a way that the roots will always stay moist. For more information about how to plant bare-rooted roses, we refer you to go to the particular page about the rose and read the instructions.


How to plant bare-rooted roses

Plant bare-rooted at just the right time, and you will enjoy a grown rose bush within the same year. Bare rooted roses travel well and remain fresh during transit. 

When you receive the rose, it's essential to remove the rose out of the package and soak the roots in water for 24 hours before planting. 

  • Plant the rose within a week after receiving.
  • Water regularly after planting.


Deliver roses by post

Well, what can we say? The wide choice of roses and options for delivery makes it easy to order in our webshop. We offer efficient delivery with excellent communication on the route. Roses from World of Roses are an extraordinary birthday present for friends, family, love, and so on. From the order to the delivery, we make sure your rose arrives just the way you expected. Get your roses now and 

Order roses by post at World of Roses. We ensure your roses will be delivered securely and well packed. Choose your favourite flower in our webshop and choose whether you want a bare-rooted or a potted rose. Is it a present? We also offer wrapped roses for special occasions like birthday, anniversaries, or memorials. Order roses at World of Roses and we ship your rose to anywhere in the UK.

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