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Ruby anniversary gifts

Are you looking for the best ruby anniversary gifts? A special occasion, like a ruby anniversary, is scarce, and therefore, we wanted to give you tips for the best ruby anniversary gifts. Roses are, without a doubt, the most beautiful flower in the world. Roses have been a special gift for many years. Why is a rose a unique ruby anniversary gift? At World of Roses, we pack your rose securely and with care. This makes sure you will receive the best high-quality roses to make your ruby anniversary unforgettable. Read our tips to give the best ruby anniversary gifts. 


Tips on how to give the best ruby anniversary gifts

We thought of several basic rules you can't forget when you are thinking of a ruby anniversary gift. Find this list below, and you will blow the ruby couple away with your beautiful anniversary gift. 

  1. Make it personal. Nothing more important than making the gift personal. Put something of your own into the gift. And not literally, like a loose hair, but we mean you have to think of the present as if it's the last thing you'll ever do. 

  2. Be on time. And we don't mean yourself arriving on time. We mean the gift. Nothing more irritating than a gift that wasn't on time on the particular anniversary day. So, make sure you order your gift on time.

  3. Wrap the gift. Although it's terrible for the environment, we find it essential to wrap gifts. The fun is over when you can directly see what's the present. So, to make it a little bit more exciting, wrap your gift in shiny gift paper or put it in a gift box. 

  4. Write a personal note. Always. A ruby anniversary is such a special occasion. You have to write an anniversary card. Show your affection and expose your heart in personal words written by your (maybe not so beautiful) handwriting.


What is the best gift for a ruby anniversary?

It's always hard to think of an anniversary present, but when it comes to a ruby anniversary present, it gets even harder. World of Roses helps you find the best ruby anniversary gift. Ruby is a beautiful dark shade of the colour red. Ruby is a lovely gem that has great value and is very rare. A ruby anniversary isn't just a celebration. Ruby anniversaries aren't frequently given, for a reason. Nowadays, there aren't many couples that make it to forty years of marriage. So, when a couple reaches this milestone, you have to celebrate it! At World of Roses, we have the purest gifts for a ruby anniversary. What do you think of a living plant that thrives in the garden? And by a living plant, we mean the most beautiful garden plants among all garden plants: the rose. 


What does a ruby anniversary gift look like?

The Ruby 40th Anniversary rose from World of Roses, is a large-flowered rose shrub that blooms fantastic in summer. Masses of vibrant ruby red blooms set on a backdrop of deep green foliage will have this living plant making a statement in any garden. Plant this rose against a wooden fence, brick wall or the barn. The stunning red flowers are real showstoppers and will definitely attract attention. The pleasant fragrance completes the package. The aromatic scent reminds a couple of their first meeting. What are you waiting for?


Order the best ruby anniversary gifts

When it comes to a ruby anniversary, we ensure that this will be a day that the couple won't forget very soon. To make a good impression, we thought of an excellent gift that lasts for years. Send a deeply red ruby 40th anniversary rose on this special day. Order your Ruby 40th Anniversary gift online at World of Roses. We deliver the wrapped rose straight to the doorstep of the couple. All you have to do is fill in the right address information and fulfil the payment. This year your gift will be a massive surprise, for sure. 

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