Presents For Mum

Is your mum hard to buy for? Doesn't she always appreciate your gifts right away? Are you tired of bringing her gifts she doesn't like anyway? We have the best presents for mum this year! What do you give your mum, the woman who has everything? We always found this a hard question too, but we came with a solution: roses. 


Roses are perfect presents for mum

At World of Roses, you order living plants like rose shrubs as a present for mum. We deliver this living plant straight to your mum's address. This present is securely chosen, wrapped and delivered right to your mum's house. All you have to do is picking the right rose, write a personal note and make the payment-easy peasy right. Honour your sentimental mum, new mother-in-law, expectant mums-to-be or your all-time favourite mum. For which mum you order this present, we guarantee it will be a special present. Make mums feel special with our unique roses from World of Roses.


Presents for mum to mark a special occasion

Is your mum getting married to her boyfriend? Did your mum get her promotion at work? Was her operation successful? Or do you just want to let her know she's unique to you? What the occasion may be, at World of Roses we have roses that suit every situation. Treat your mum with a unique rose; this is definitely a gift she won't forget. Discover our many different roses and choose the one you adore most. For example, we have apricot large-flowered roses, pure white climbers, romantic red shrubs, and many more to choose from. Select your mum's favourite colour, pick the sort you like and send your love to your mum. 


How to order presents for mum

Follow these steps if you want to treat your mum to something special from our rose assortment. Show your affection and treat her to the unique gift she deserves. Order roses from World of Roses:

  • Go to
  • Choose a category, like Congratulations, Thank You or For Her
  • Pick a rose, like the Special Mum
  • Choose whether you want to order a potted or a bare-root rose
  • Add a personal note (optional)
  • Fill in the address information for delivery
  • Fulfil the payment
  • Wait until you get the biggest virtual hug you've had in years

If you follow these easy steps, we deliver your unique rose to your mum within a day. All mums deserve a present that reflects their strength, love and care. So, wait no longer and order your presents for mum at World of Roses.


We deliver presents for mum

One of the best things at World of Roses, is you don't have to be worried about the delivery process. Parcelforce is our main courier, and this company takes responsibility for all our orders. We wrapped and boxed the roses with care. Our ship boxes make sure the roses will be delivered in perfect condition. Check our website for delivery and shipping information.

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Enjoy shopping with us at World of Roses

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