Pearl anniversary rose

Buy the pearl anniversary rose, the perfect gift to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. If you are looking for a special gift that lasts longer than a bunch of flowers, the pearl anniversary rose either potted or bare root is an amazing choice. Year after year it will blossom in the garden as a reminder of this special anniversary.

Pearl Anniversary Rose

To be married for thirty years is such an achievement. This particular day must not be celebrated without a unique anniversary gift. Thirty years ago, you and your partner said ‘yes’ to the longest ride of life: marriage. With mostly ups and sometimes downs, you’ve supported each other at any time. This special day must be marked with an unusual wedding gift. We hope you’ll adore the pearl anniversary rose just as much as we do. 

30th anniversary

The 30th anniversary is called the pearl anniversary. If you have been married to your partner in crime for 30 years, you have to come up with a special present. At World of Roses, we have all kinds of roses for special occasions, including anniversaries. The 30th anniversary is all about the pearl wedding. Our pink pearl anniversary rose has beautiful pink blush petals and produces fantastic blooms in borders and flowers from May to September.

Pearl anniversary

This rose is a super idea for a long term memory of an exceptional day. Do you remember that particular day, 30 years ago, when you and your partner stepped into marriage? To help you celebrate this special day, the pearl anniversary rose of World of Roses helps you to remember this day as the most beautiful day of your lives. The fantastic pink petals form large pink flowers that contrast on the deep green foliage. 

As a pearl anniversary gift the rose is an ideal choice. Opt for either bare root or potted varieties and of course to make it extra special why not add gift wrap? Check out our website for other fabulous gifting ideas.

Why not take a look at our range of roses. They really are the most amazing gift to receive.

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