Special anniversary rose

When a couple celebrates their anniversary, you have to come up with something special. A special anniversary rose is the best gift you can give someone on their anniversary. This special anniversary rose stands for the love, trust and dedication the couple has spent in their relationship. Maybe you want to give your partner a romantic gift? Or do you want your parents to feel adored on their anniversary? For every type of anniversary, we have a special anniversary rose.

Something special for a special anniversary

Anything worth celebrating needs to be celebrated. Celebrate someone’s first anniversary, thirteen years together, and also, a couple’s forty years of marriage. Whatever people are celebrating, celebrate it with a special anniversary rose. It is a gift with a lasting memory. 

Special anniversary rose

For every type of anniversary, World of Roses has a rose that suits:

  • Wish the couple more healthy years to come. 
  • Wish for better years when they’ve had difficult times. 
  • Wish them all the luck in the world if they are waiting for an exciting time.
  • Wish them many more years of happiness

There are so many anniversaries to celebrate that we should always try to it in style. Our roses are priced well and will be blooming in the recipients garden for many years to come, growing with their relationship. A rose is one of the most beautiful plants and you can even add gift wrap and personal note for that extra special touch.

We even have a rose that celebrates the start of married life. The White Wedding rose is a superb compact pure white Climbing Rose with masses of blooms. Take a look at our full range of anniversary roses here.

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