Diamond roses, best present!

Have you been thinking of a unique gift for an exceptional event? Special days like anniversaries, birthdays or other special celebrations deserve a great gift. Have you seen the diamond anniversary rose? Diamond Roses make a very special present.

What is a diamond anniversary rose?

It is said that diamonds are forever, and that is exactly what this diamond rose is for. A brilliant white flower that almost sparkles against its glossy deep green leaves. A delicate scent enhances how precious this gift would be for the wonderful couple. Perfect gift rose for a very special anniversary. This Rose has beautiful floribunda blooms and keeps flowering throughout the summer. A delicate fragrance with white blooms makes a beautiful gift. 60 years of marriage is something to be celebrated. This rose will grow with the couple and flower year after year. It is a stunning bush rose.

How to care for a diamond anniversary rose

Choose from bare root or potted varieties. Rose bushes grow best in sunny spots and well-drained soil. The diamond anniversary rose thrives in most well-drained soils on an open sunny site. Water well after planting and for the first growing season. The large single flowers of this type rose plant bloom fantastic. If the flowers fade, cut them off, so the plant gives its energy to grow new shoots. Prune rose shrubs around March, right after the frost. This way, the rose has long enough to develop fresh blossoms. Enjoy its pure white flowers all summer long.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Diamonds last forever, so does the thought behind sending the diamond anniversary rose. The hope for many more years to come and to watch the rose grow into something fabulous is a gift that recipients will not forget. Everlasting love deserves a long-lasting present. Cut flowers wither, but the diamond anniversary rose from Worldofroses.com blooms year after year.

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