SAVE9LIVES Charity Rose

Save9Lives is an organ donation campaign founded by NHS Ambassador, Jim Lynskey. It vibrantly advocates the message that one organ donor can save or enhance up to nine lives through transplant. 

Jim started the initiative back in 2015 after he was diagnosed with chronic heart failure and listed for a heart transplant at just 19. Because of the shortage of donors in the UK, Jim’s only option was to be fitted with a mechanical heart pump called an LVAD, a limiting and evasive device powered by batteries to keep him alive.  

Jim very sadly passed away in May 2019 at just 23, but his friends and family are determined to continue to raise awareness of Jim’s incredible campaign, sharing his legacy and promoting the important discussion around organ donation.

For more about Jim or to find out how you can support the campaign go to:

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A message from Jim’s mum:

For every passing of someone much loved, is a story of a truly special person. Jim was that person, putting his own troubles to one side to help 6,000 others on the transplant list. Save9lives puts the spotlight on the need to have the conversation and make a difference to those that wait and hope for a second chance at life. Something good from something very sad.

The idea of a rose called Save9lives was to have something beautiful in my garden to reflect on my special boy, scatter a few ashes and stop and have a chat. The pink reflects the number ‘9’ in the logo and the number of lives that can be saved from one organ donor.

My idea then expanded, a rose for all the families that were brave enough to say YES at their weakest point and about to lose someone they love. A rose for someone who has received an organ to reflect on the person in which they owe their second chance to. A rose that’s just beautiful and is a sign of kindness and bravery for all.

Save9Lives has been incredibly well received and recognised.