Diamond anniversary rose

The diamond wedding rose is a fabulous flower and one of the best choices for a gift. If a couple reaches the number of 60 years of marriage, they deserve a special gift. What do you give a couple that went through their ups-and-downs for already 60 years? For every anniversary, there is a special anniversary rose. This fantastic white rose reflects the meaning of a diamond wedding: pure, secure and forever lasting. Send your love to this great couple and tell them how much you adore them. Show your respect and care for this fantastic achievement by giving a diamond anniversary rose. The beauty of this diamond anniversary flower blows your mind.

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60th wedding anniversary

If you ever make it to 60 years, think of what an achievement 60 years of marriage are. You should massively celebrate this particular day. What is a better way to celebrate infinite love than allowing a couple to plant their passion in the ground? The diamond anniversary rose is a long-lasting living plant that you plant in the soil. All types of land are suitable fort he diamond anniversary rose. The diamond anniversary rose fits in balcony pots or directly in the ground. Make sure you place the diamond anniversary rose in a sunny spot and give them enough water, especially in the first year. Grow a beautiful rose plant in your garden or balcony and enjoy their bright flowers.

Who needs diamonds when you have diamond roses?Diamond anniversary rose - World of Roses

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. And no one ever said this isn't true. The gift a diamond couple needs is a diamond. If you don't have the money to buy this couple a diamond, choose the diamond anniversary rose: same meaning, different price tag. Send your love to this fabulous couple and celebrate their special day. This diamond anniversary rose stands for eternal love and many more memories to come. Make their 60th wedding anniversary day a special one, by giving them a special diamond anniversary rose.

Buy diamond anniversary rose online

Order your diamond anniversary rose at Worldofroses.com and deliver a shiny, sparkly and unique gift. Wrap your gift and add a personal note to make the present more personal. We provide your diamond anniversary rose the next working day. We wrap and pack the roses by hand and take care of the delivery process ourselves. Choose the diamond anniversary rose for unique couples and deliver not only a long-lasting living plant but also amazing white flowers all summer long. Order your diamond anniversary rose today! If you have any questions about the care or shipping of the rose, see our terms & conditions and delivery information.