Golden anniversary rose

Everyone who achieves 50 years of marriage deserves a special golden anniversary rose. Fifty years of marriage is a magnificent achievement to celebrate. Our famous golden anniversary rose is a joyful rose that expresses the past 50 years: the bright yellow colour and dark green leaves show the ups-and-downs in life. Celebrate the golden anniversary with this stunning flower and show your admiration to your beloved accomplishment. Fifty years of marriage is a huge accomplishment that we should all celebrate. This special anniversary is one of the essential anniversaries for anyone to honour and remember. What is a more suitable way to mark this occasion than the beautiful golden anniversary roses?

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Celebrate golden wedding anniversary

A golden wedding anniversary is the right occasion to congratulate two people exclusively. If two people accomplish a marriage of fifty years, everyone should take a deep bow. The golden anniversary rose produces beautiful clusters of fragrant blooms on attractive foliage. The delicate fragrance gives the couple a soft aromatic scent they enjoy all summer long. A golden anniversary deserves special attention, with the golden anniversary rose you give this occasion the attention it deserves. Send this rose directly to the recipient's address and make them smile. We make sure this exceptional day will be one they'll not forget.

The perfect lasting gift

The golden anniversary rose is a perfect lasting gift. The roses from are no cut flowers, but living rose plants. So, if you want to give a special gift, choose the golden anniversary rose. This special anniversary rose is perfect for planting either in pots or beds and borders. Remember the recipient to take care of the roses carefully by watering them regularly and locating the anniversary rose in a sunny spot. The more sun, the brighter the colours and more roses the rose plant shows. It's essential to prune the rose every year if you want the rose to maintain.


Order your golden anniversary rose

Want to send someone a golden anniversary rose? Order this rose bare-root, so the receiver plants this rose in the ground. Or, you can choose for a potted plant; this way, the golden anniversary rose comes in a pot, which the receiver can put in a decorative container in the garden or on the balcony. The potted roses can be put in the soil as well. If so, dig a hole twice the size of the pot. Place the rose in a sunny spot and watch the beautiful golden yellow flowers all summer long. Order your golden anniversary rose today and we'll deliver the rose next working day, except for Mondays. Check our delivery information.