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Personal Rose Gifts

A Unique Way to show someone you care

For countless generations, the rose has been the favourite flower chosen to mark a special occasion...and continues to be so. For over 50 years, World of Roses has grown and produced top quality roses and today, they continue to create new and even more beautiful varieties alongside well-loved traditional ones.

Now you can brighten someone's world by personally naming a rose after them, or by honouring a memorable occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or graduation.

And when you do, the name of your rose enters into a long line of rose-growing tradition, to be kept forever in the annals of history!

Each rose is registered with the American Rose Society, holders of the world-wide register of rose names.

A unique service

When you select your rose, the chosen name is cross-checked to make sure its name is unique to you or the occasion for which it is intended.
The reasons for giving a personalised rose are, quite literally, endless...

  • Marking a wedding or wedding anniversary
  • Celebrating a birthday or birth or christening
  • Honouring a graduation
  • Or simply naming a rose after someone who jolly well deserves it!

A world of choice

Whatever the time of year, there is always a tremendous range of roses waiting to be named.

Each rose is carefully cultivated and nurtured, rooted in the years of horticultural experience and skill only found at World of Roses. From traditional varieties to the more contempory, each rose is carefully nourished, guaranteeing you a fine, strong specimen.

What is included with the order?

  • A framed photograph of your new rose
  • A personalised Certificate from World of Roses
  • A quantity of roses *
  • Colour lables for your roses
  • Registration of your rose name

* Amount depends on the variety chosen.

The following are also available at an extra charge:

  • Additional certificates and framed photographs
  • A digitally produced watercolour picture of your rose
  • Delivery to individual roses to different addresses within the United Kingdom

How much does it cost?

The cost starts at £795 depending on which variety you choose.

World of Roses - Unique roses, exclusively named by you!